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Spruce Mahogany 6.5x14

Quick Overview

Shell Configuration Outside to Inside-
3 plies Spruce, 3 plies Mahogany

Designer 6-ply Spruce and Mahogany Shell, Double Sided SBR Solid Brass Resonator Lugs, Double 45 Degree Bearing Edges, and Hyper-Sensitive Snare Bed.  Natural Satin Lacquer Finish over Spruce with Mahogany Stripe and Chrome Hardware.

Spruce- Soft wood with good bass and broad dynamic range. Responsive with good projection and resonation. Many acoustic guitars are built with Spruce and Mahogany. Combines well with other woods.

Mahogany- A hard, medium-heavy wood with fine texture and wavy grain. Good attack, a well defined note, and very rich in low frequencies.  Vibrant and resonant with lots of harmonics and slightly reduced highs.

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12-14 week estimated build time

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MSRP: $800.00

USA Price $499.00