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Dr. Chud

Gorgeous Frankenstein

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DR.CHUD. that name alone strikes fear and disgust to those unlucky enough to know it. Who is he? Where did he come from? Well I am going to try and piece together his checkered and quite bloody past. Most of you have heard of the abominable Doctor due to the 6 years he spent with the legendary punk rock group known as The Misfits but there is far more to this story than that. On April 4th, 1964 tHe started playing drums in 6th grade, by 8th grade he started playing in local bands around town. When he was in high school he started taking lessons from Les DeMerle, Sonny Igoe, and finally Dennis Delucia, joining DCI (Drum Corp International) in 1983 with The Bayonne Bridgemen. In 1985 DR.CHUD started playing the club circuit for a few original rock bands until his professional musical career started as the lead skin basher for Dan Kidney and the Pulsations. For 8 years he terrorized audiences with the Pulsations until the band broke away and DR.CHUD latched onto Sardonica featuring Sal Bee and Fish. DR.CHUD at this time also started a side-project known as Sacred Trash where he wrote, played guitar and even sang on the bands debut and only release. The band was sort of a warm up of things to come. Playing hard hitting horrorrock fit DR.CHUD well and when the call came from Jerry Only of The Misfits for DR.CHUD to join up, he answered back with an affirmative "yes". Then things began to move in a horrifically fast gear.his world was unfortunate enough to witness the birth of DR.CHUD, named after the movie that would be made some 20 years later with the acronym Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Drummer! 

1996 saw a world-wide "resurrection tour" and almost immediately following that tour The Misfits were in the studio recording the bands first record in roughly 20 years for Geffen Records. The record was to be called "American Psycho" and featured quite a few songs penned by DR.CHUD. 2 years, numerous tours, (with acts like Megadeth, Marilyn Manson & Anthrax to name a few), singles, and a live record produced by DR.CHUD passed. Then the group hit the studio again this time for RoadRunner Records, and the album was "Famous Monsters". About the same time DR.CHUD and fellow Misfit Jerry Only recorded "1969" with Joey Ramone for a Iggy Pop tribute record "They Will Fall", the track was later used on the late Joey Ramone's only solo record entitled "Don't Worry About Me". After 6 years with the group, 2 studio records, 1 live recording, appearances in such hit films as "Animal Room", "Bruiser", "Campfire Stories" and "Big Money Hustlas", and even time spent as a WCW wrestler, DR.CHUD walked away to form a new group. (After there depature however The Misfits released "Cuts From The Crypt" on RoadRunner Records, a collection of rarities and unreleased tracks). 

In 2001 DR.CHUD formed Graves and it was off the ground almost 1 year later to the date that DR.CHUD left The Misfits (10/25/00). Within 1 years time the group arranged 2 nation-wide tours. Immediately following the 1st tour known as "Web Of Dharma (Strand 1)" the band hit the studio to record a CD of the same name. DR.CHUD produced and distributed the record through his own record company, the second leg of the "Dharma" tour took place in 2002 and the band disbanded shortly after causing mass panic and chaos as to what the Doc would be doing next. 

It's 2003 and his antidote for punk rock terror known as Dr.Chud’s X-Ward explodes across the U.S. and Canada! DR.CHUD"s solo band is born and his 2004 solo debut “Diagnosis for Death” becomes a classic in the horrorpunk underworld. DR.CHUD would take his band across the U.S. every year proving why he is the leader in the horrorpunk world today. 

In 2008 DR.CHUD gets a call to play drums to complete Gorgeous Frankenstein a group consisting of Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, Graham Reaper, Alex Story and Gorgeous George. The band is currently working on there second release due out in this year on evilive records produced by Glenn Danzig, 

1984 DCI Championships: Bayonne Bridgemen
Dan Kidney and the Pulsations - 'Never Let Up!'
Dan Kidney and the Pulsations - 'Slice of Live'
Specific Ocean - 'Vinyl and Styrofoam'
Dan Kidney and the Pulsations - 'Night People'
Sacred Trash - 'Sacred Trash'
Sardonica - 'Your Own Back Yard'
Misfits - 'American Psycho'
Misfits - 'Dig Up Her Bones' (single) 
Misfits - 'Evil Live 2'
'We Will Fall' - 'Iggy Pop Tribute'
Misfits - 'I Wanna Be A NY Ranger' (single) 
Misfits - 'Famous Monsters'
Misfits - 'Monster Mash' (single) 
Fast Times - 'Self Titled'
Short Music for Short People - 'Compilation'
Misfits - 'Cut's From The Crypt'
Joey Ramone - 'Don't Worry About Me'
Graves - 'Web Of Dharma'
This is Horrorpunk - 'Compilation'
Drchud's X-Ward - 'Diagnosis for Death'
Blitzkid - 'Anatomy of reanimation'
Blitzkid - 'Live in Germany' (picture disk) 

Sardonica - 'Flip The Grill'
Specific Ocean - 'Vynal and Styrofoam'
Sacred Trash - 'Sacred Trash'
Misfits - 'Evilive 2'
Misfits - Famous Monsters
Misfits - 'NY Ranger' (Single) 
Misfits - 'ESPN X-Games Theme'
Graves - 'Web Of Dharma'
DrChuds X-Ward - 'Diagnosis for Death'

DrChuds X-Ward - 'Powerless'
DrChuds X-Ward - 'Mommy Made Luv 2 an Alien'

The Misfits - 'American Psycho'
The Misfits - 'Dig up her Bones'
The Misfits - 'Scream'
DrChuds X-Ward -'Powerless'
DrChuds X-Ward - 'Mommy Made Luv 2 an Alien'
Gorgeous Frankenstein - 'You Must See It To Believe It!'

Animal Room - 1995
Big Money Hustlas - 2000
Bruiser - 2000
Campfire Stories - 2001
It Came From Tralfalgar - 2009
L.A. Ink - Season 3 Episode 1 "Showdown at the Shop" - 2010

** Dr.Chud Also wrestled for WCW
(World Championship Wrestling) during 1999-2000
"WCW Monday Nitro Live"
- Episode #1.216 (1999) TV episode 
- Episode #1.215 (1999) TV episode